Soil Conservation in Dole’s Agricultural Practices

In order to offer consumers fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, Dole makes it a priority to maintain healthy soil in its farms. In fact, soil conservation is one of the “Four Pillars of Sustainability” that Dole emphasizes in business.

Dole’s soil conservation programs focus on:

  • Preventing soil erosion
  • Avoiding soil overuse and chemical alterations
  • Ensuring a healthy and productive soil
  • Reducing the depletion of soil nutrients
  • Contributing to improved water availability

Before preparing soil for use, a soil management plan must be developed. Soil management at Dole includes extensive fertility analyses, landscape assessments, determination of soil classes for the specific crop and contour technique appraisal. By taking these steps, the Company maximizes the soil’s productivity and minimizes erosion through identifying soil conservation alternatives before each farm area is planted.

Specific programs implemented to protect soils include:

  • Minimum tillage
  • Crop rotation
  • Cover crops
  • Mulch with plastic or pasture
  • Ditch stabilization
  • Mechanical barriers
  • Soil maps
  • Top-soil thickness analyses
  • Organic amendments