Initiatives at Dole’s Worldwide Headquarters

Our Worldwide Headquarters in Westlake Village, California are at the vanguard of implementing initiatives that reduce packaging and waste.

These initiatives include:

  • Using 192 cubic feet (5.44 cubic meters) of recyclable products per year, which ultimately saves 48 cubic feet (1.36 cubic meters) of landfill each year.
  • Employing all biodegradable containers at the Dole cafeteria. These containers, made out of corn-based resin, are fully compostable and can decompose in 45-60 days in a recycling center.
  • Recycling paper, metal, plastic, used batteries, cell phones, CFL lights, PCs, printers, toners and any other recyclable material both used in Dole’s offices or brought in by employees from their homes.