Dole in Costa Rica has identified the causes of its Carbon Footprint and as a result, has worked to reduce its dependence on specific energy sources and practices. Some sustainable and responsible changes that Dole has implemented include:

  • Control Released Fertilizer Program (depending on conditions) and Precision Agriculture: By analyzing smaller plots of land, the Company can accurately assess the specific fertilization needs for the soil. In doing so, we’ve introduced new Control Released Fertilizer product that has already reduced fertilizer quantity used by 12% and GHG emissions by 45% (including the production and application of fertilizers).
  • Driving Techniques Training: In training employees on better driving techniques, Dole has reduced fuel consumption of its fleet by approximately 10%.
  • Railroad Transportation: Approximately 40% of the bananas produced in Dole’s farms are transported by train, which contributes to a 34% decrease in fuel consumption and GHG emissions. Dole in Costa Rica is the only banana company using railroad transportation.
  • Fuel Conservation: Among other initiatives, Dole has implemented fuel quotas and fuel consumption tracking systems on its heavy equipment vehicles as a way to continuously measure performance.
  • Biodigesters: At Bananito farm, Dole also uses biodigesters that convert the mules’ feces into gas that powers the workers’ cafeteria.

These projects aim to identify, promote and implement new, environmentally-friendly practices across Dole’s worldwide operations.