The following sources of water consumption are NOT included in this water footprint study:

  • Water footprint due to production of electricity and fuel consumed (meaning all the fuel needed for transportation).
  • Water embedded in the product, which is a very small part of the total footprint anyway.
  • Water footprint of input materials (package material, fertilizers, etc.).The water footprints of different packaging materials, as well as other input materials are still not available, and they are expected to present minor portions of the total water footprint.
  • Water footprint of capital goods (trucks, buildings, equipment, etc.)
  • Water requirements for humans and animals providing transport services.
  • Water needed to dilute/prepare fertilizers and agrochemicals.
  • Potential pollution of post-harvesting fungicide application in packing facilities due to the fact that exact amounts of fungicide used in the analyzed facilities was not established.
  • Potential pollution from latex and de-greening process coming from bananas’ packing facilities (de-latexing and de-greening process of bananas).