ISO 14001

Dole has selected ISO 14001 as the standard for its environmental management systems. The scope of Dole’s ISO 14001 certifications also includes the Company’s assistance programs developed for independent suppliers.

Introduced in 1997 by the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 14001 is currently the world’s preferred standard for measuring and evaluating environmental management systems. ISO 14001 may be applied to environment-related responsibilities, such as waste management or practices aimed at avoiding adverse changes to air, water or land. With independent certification depending upon recognized standards and regular third-party audits, ISO 14001 provides varying industries with the same set of enforceable management standards that can be applied to an array of activities.

Within a year of its introduction, ISO 14001 was adopted by the Standard Fruit de Costa Rica, making it the first agricultural company in the world to receive this certification. All Dole banana farms and pineapple operations (except in Hawaii) across the globe have become ISO 14001 certified.