Ecuador: Paved Road Changes Lives

On January 18, 2011, the Dale Foundation and the Angel Pedro Giler local government christened the newly paved Los Angeles Avenue. This main road connects La Estancilla with the surrounding rural towns in the Manabi province.

The asphalt-paved road averages 26 feet wide and stretches for a half-mile – from the town entrance bridge, through the Senagua canal and ending just outside Dole’s Nueva Esperanza organic banana farm.

The road opening ceremony was attended by Dole senior executives, members of the local government, Catholic priest Father Francisco Hernandez and dozens of beaming citizens. More than 6,000 people benefit from the newly paved road in terms of better access to resources and faster transportation between La Estancilla and the neighboring communities.

The dust storms that were once so common from the frequent traffic are now memories from the past. The potholes that created noxious flies and disease-carrying mosquitoes have also been eliminated.

The Dale Foundation, which coordinates many of Dole Food Company’s social outreach programs across Ecuador’s coast, was praised by Darwin Talledo, president of the Junta Parroquial of Angel Pedro Giler. Mr Talledo said, “Productive, economic and social activity encourage our people’s development in its full synergy and potential. Today, the local government and Dole are bolstering their institutionalism and services through individual and community work to benefit the local population.”