Health and Safety

Mandatory protective clothing for workers is the first safety precaution taken when employees deal with crop protection products. Occupational safety professionals monitor safe handling of these products and correct any problems on site. Workers who use crop protection products undergo periodic medical exams to monitor potentially hazardous exposure and ensure continuous health.

For aerial applications of crop protection products, Dole takes additional safety measures, including the use advanced satellite technology – Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographical lnformation Systems (GIS) are two of the most common in order to prevent crop protection products from settling near inhabited site areas – and specialized aviation companies to spray the fields. During and immediately after spraying, workers are prohibited from entering the fields and are only granted access after sufficient time has elapsed, as specified by the product manufacturer. When possible, aerial applications are carried-out at night or during weekends to surpass this inconvenience. As with all of Dole’s business affiliates, the aviation companies must follow Dole standards and undergo regular audits.