Dole and the International Labor Organization

Minimum Age

In accordance with ILO Convention 138 regarding minimum age and ILO Convention 182 on child labor, Dole prohibits child labor. The Company’s policy is even stricter for many of the developing countries in which Dole operates – prohibiting any people younger than 18 years of age from being hired or employed in any form.

No Forced Labor

In accordance with ILO Convention 29 regarding forced labor and ILO Convention 105 on the abolition of forced labor, Dole does not engage in or condone forced labor of any kind.


Dole’s policies prohibit discrimination on the basis of gender, age, religious belief or political affiliation as in accordance with ILO Convention 100 on equal remuneration and ILO Convention 111 outlining discrimination (employment and occupation). Company policies also prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace.