Water Footprint Network

Dole joined the Water Footprint Network (WFN) in 2009. The mission of this global partner network is to encourage a transition towards sustainable, fair and efficient use of the world’s fresh water supply. By combining resources and efforts from participating knowledge institutions, government agencies, non-governmental organizations and representatives from the private sector, the WFN increases its impact on society.

Listed are a few of the most eminent steps taken by WFN to support its mission:

  • Advancing the concept of the “water footprint,” a spatially and temporally explicit indicator of direct and indirect water use of consumers and producers.
  • Increasing water footprint awareness among communities, government bodies and businesses. These parties have also gained an understanding of how water is utilized in both the production and consumption of goods and services, as well as how these chains impact our fresh-water systems.
  • Encouraging the creation of water governance. Governing bodies would  help reduce the negative ecological and social impacts of water footprints from communities, countries and businesses.