Stakeholder Involvement

Dole is a committed to providing transparent information on the Company’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability practices. In doing so, Dole maintains an open and constructive dialogue with its stakeholders, as well as its customers, suppliers, governmental and non-governmental organizations, employees, trade unions, consumer organizations, community representatives, shareholders and investors. These discussions address current and future issues facing the agricultural industry and yield effective solutions in overcoming related challenges.

Dole believes that these open dialogues are crucial for the development of mutual understanding and confidence between involved parties, whether holding similar views or not. In some sectors, such as labor and environmental areas, the Company has signed partnership agreements with local stakeholders that aim to resolve local issues before they expand into bigger problems. Other agreements set a framework to ensure that communities and their representatives can promote their views when developing new community programs. Several examples of those local partnership agreements are presented on our interactive map.

In addition to frequent communications with local stakeholders, Dole is also an active participant in many international multi-stakeholder initiatives. Most of the initiatives are comparable to think-tank platforms that address challenges on a global level, while some tackle medium- to long-term sustainability issues. For global issues like climate change, Dole believes that the Company can only provide an efficient action plan if it is coordinated with the efforts of other important actors that are all aiming to achieve shared objectives.

Dole’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programs are proactive methods for combating current and future agricultural, environmental and sustainable challenges facing the global community.