Medical Programs

The health and social situations in the countries from which Dole sources its products vary greatly. In the less developed nations, Dole has implemented a series of health units and social programs to serve Dole employees, as well as the communities in which they live. In most cases, these programs are developed in partnership with the local health authorities.

Dole’s contribution to improving access to medical structures consists of:

  • Constructing hospitals in highly populated areas.
  • Building health centers and dispensaries in areas where farms are concentrated.
  • Supplying medical units to communities in remote areas.

These structures provide communities with the following services:

  • Preventative exams for early detection of breast, uterine or prostate cancer.
  • Preventative medicine, such as vaccination and inoculation programs against tetanus, hepatitis B, yellow fever or tuberculosis.
  • General check-up programs, such as eye exams and physicals.
  • Surgery, ranging from dental procedures in the mobile units to more arduous operations in the hospitals.
  • Laboratory analyses in hospitals.
  • Education programs, including disease prevention, nutrition and wellness, and water treatment programs, to name a few.