Education Programs

As part of the Company’s commitment to social responsibility, Dole develops new educational programs for workers’ families in sub-par living areas. Where infrastructure and learning facilities are lacking, Dole funds the construction/maintenance of schools, grants scholarships, trains faculty, donates books and provides other education-related materials. Dole encourages a variety of knowledge-based programs and helps strengthen school systems throughout its areas. Some of Dole’s contributions that are detailed on our CR&S site include:


Testimonial: Miguel Ángel Botto, Teacher at the Vicente Piedrahita School Built by the Dale Foundation in Los Rios Province, Ecuador

“I studied at this school, and I still have memories of my student days – like my first dance and the scolding we would get for not knowing our multiplication tables.

I started school in May 1990. I remember that every year, I got diplomas for academic achievement and was even homored with being the standard-bearer of the national flag, but in those days, we had none of the resources the school has now. Moreover, there was only one teacher for every two classrooms.

As a teacher, I am very happy to see that the new generations have an infrastructure that is in step with the demands the future has in store for them.

Today, we have more classrooms, tools and technology that facilitate the teacher’s job and allow students to have classes in a comfortable, more suitable atmosphere.”