Corporate Responsibility

As a worldwide producer of fruits and vegetables, Dole Food Company, Inc. operates in over 90 countries, employing 75,000 individuals as growers, harvesters, scientists, packers, shippers, sales people and the like. This global presence has enabled Dole to unite workers of various origins, cultures and religions, which has led to a uniquely diverse and tolerant corporate atmosphere. In order to maintain cohesion throughout its workforce, Dole is committed to offering employees education, protection and necessary tools for personal growth and development in their communities.

Dole also has a strict Code of Conduct that all employees must sign and follow. Knowing that society plays a vital role in preserving the environment, part of this Code of Conduct states that employees are also required to comply with Dole’s environmental policy.

Many of Dole’s areas of operation consist of poor, rural communities, some of which face political and economic uncertainties. As a way to reduce the impact of these issues and improve the quality of life for residents, Dole provides a stable source of employment with wages and benefits often exceeding legal standards. Many Dole operations also offer rent-free housing for employees, as well as health, sports, social and educational activities for the entire community.

Finally, Dole has developed a constructive dialogue with its stakeholders at the local and global levels. The Company believes that these open dialogues are part of the development of mutual understanding and confidence between involved parties in overcoming local challenges, defining priorities around new programs or taking any actions that affect the community at large.

Dole greatly values its employees’ contributions to responsible global development and is proud of the positive role it has played in improving their lifestyles and enriching their communities.