Press Release 2006

Thousand Oaks Acorn: Dole Co. Donates Money to Healthy Families Day

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California, The Acorn — December 14, 2006 — Dole Food Co. donated $22,000 to the Southeast Ventura County YMCA to help sponsor Healthy Families Day events at the three East Ventura County YMCAs: Conejo Valley, Triunfo and Simi Valley Family. Healthy Families Day is free to the community. It will feature games and [...]

Dole Announces Settlement of 16 Lawsuits of Banana Workers Claiming Injuries as a Result of Exposure to DBCP

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California — December 8, 2006 — Dole Food Company, Inc. today announced the settlement of 16 of the 25 U.S. lawsuits by foreign farm workers who claim injuries from alleged exposure more than 20 years ago to the agricultural chemical DBCP in countries in which Dole and its subsidiaries then operated. One of [...]

Forbes Magazine: Achieving Corporate Citizenship

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, California, Forbes Magazine — November 28, 2006 — Not long after Warren Buffett’s impressive $30 billion gift to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and other charities, a particularly hard-nosed CEO, in an uncharacteristically reflective moment, declared to me that he wanted his corporation to be “more socially responsible.” I must admit, it sounded [...]