As a leader in the production of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is Dole’s honor to model exceptional business practices. Setting such precedence is instrumental in expanding Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) values throughout the industry.

For decades, the concept of CR&S has been integral to Dole’s management strategies. As a company that operates in many developing countries, Dole has focused on empowering its workers, enhancing their communities and protecting their surrounding environment. In fact, the Company’s first Corporate Responsibility program dates back to 1924 with the construction of the Vicente d’Antoni Hospital. Since its first day, the hospital has supplied the community with a variety of medical services, and today, it has grown into one of the best hospitals on the Atlantic coast of Honduras.

CR&S has always been part of Dole’s day-to-day business, so in order to implement greater support throughout its areas of operation, the Company created an official Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department in 2005. The main objective of this office was to compile CSR-related information from all of Dole’s divisions, harmonize approaches and define worldwide priorities. In 2010, CSR was renamed “Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability” as a way to highlight the Company’s commitment to protect natural resources and improve employees’ standard of living. Because historically, many European stakeholders have paved the way for identifying CR&S trends, Dole based this progressive department out of its EU headquarters.

Regardless of location, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability can only transform the Company’s beliefs into actions by relying on a worldwide team to represent the best interests of each division.